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30 March - 10 April 2020

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What causes Hair Loss?

Most common causes of Hair Loss in Singapore:

  1. Higher Chlorine Content in Singapore's Water
  2. Heavy and Unhealthy Diets
  3. Extreme Stress
  4. Family History (Heridity)
  5. Frequency of hair bleaching and other chemical hazards
  6. Postpartum Hair Loss due to soaring estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy (Female)

What causes of Scalp Problems?

The scalp is the fastest aging skin compared to any other skin on the body. It is known that the scalp ages 12 times faster than body skin and 6 times faster than face skin. Scalp exfoliation on a regular basis is required to boost the skin cell turnover process and maintain a healthy scalp environment for hair growth. Here are the common causes of sensitive scalp:

  1. Frequency use of Dry Shampoo or other chemical products
  2. Using the wrong shampoo or inappropriate hair care products that contains harmful ingredients
  3. Scalp buildup includes sweat, excess oil, hair products, and dead skin cells on the scalp
  4. Stress or Hormonal disorders
  5. Sunburns or UV Damage

What are the symptoms of Hair Loss and Scalp Problems?

  • Gradual thinning on top of head
  • Wider Parting on the mid-frontal area of the scalp
  • Receding and M-shaped hairline
  • Bald Spot
  • Itchy and Oily Hair
  • Above 6 hair strands falling out when running your fingers through the dry hair
  • It takes around 2 months to grow 1 inch of hair especially in dyed hair

How can I stop my Hair Loss?

Diet Adjustment:

  • Consume high amounts of these foods - such as parsley, basil, salad greens for more than three days a week.
  • Take vitamin A & D to help sebum production, strengthen the hair roots and promote a healthy scalp
  • Consume food rich in protein like eggs, nuts, beans and peas, fish, low-fat dairy products, chicken, and turkey
  • Avoid these foods that cause hair loss - Swordfish, Carbonated Drinks, Sugar and Alcohol
Hair Care Tips:
  • Regularly wash your hair with natural ingredients shampoo to prevent chemical buildup on the scalp
  • Consider regular Tou Dao Tang Head Therapy or Head Massage for at least once per week in order to keep hair follicles active and promote healthy scalp condition
  • Avoid brushing or pulling the wet knotted hair
  • Keep your scalp swear free to prevent from dandruff or infections
  • Avoid constant chemical heating or chemical product that may damage your scalp

At what age does Hair Loss start?

There is no particular age when you can expect to see hair loss due to the different living environments and lifestyles. On average, 50% of males and 25% of females are starting to experience hair loss by age of 50. Take prompt action if hair loss happen as early as your 20s or 30s due to stress, dieting, and hormonal changes.

What is Tou Dao Tang?

Tou Dao Tang is a healing and relaxing head treatment that helps to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic flow from head to neck, specialize in ameliorating hair loss condition and holistic health through TCM mind-body concept. 10 Proven Results of Tou Dao Tang Head Therapy:

  • Eliminate all chemical buildup and dandruff
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Improve headache and migraine
  • Rejuvenate active cell and improve hair loss
  • Improve back pain and spinal disorders
  • Improve rough hair and prevent scalp aging
  • Reduce grey hair
  • Stress relief and prevent brain stroke
  • Improve sleep quality and insomnia
  • Improve mental fatigue

How many session of treatments are needed to see results?

For scalp problems - Instant result will be noticed after 1 session of Tou Dao Tang treatment, once per week will be recommended For health and wellness - Noticeable results after 4 sessions of Tou Dao Tang treatment, recommended to do once for every 3-5 days

Who is suitable for Tou Dao Tang Treatment?

Tou Dao Tang Head Therapy contributes to healthy, glowing and fast-growing hair in a most effective and relaxing way. It also helps to improve our holistic health through acupoints on head. Highly recommended for people with hair or scalp concerns:

  • Slow Hair Growth
  • Hair Loss
  • Spot Baldness
  • Receding Hairline
  • Male / Female Pattern Baldness
  • Thinning Hair
  • Greying Hair People
  • Dull Hair
Highly recommended for people with health concerns:
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Memory Loss
  • Mentally Depressed
  • Stressful
  • Spinal Disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Rhinitis
  • Allergies
  • Anemia

How much does it cost?

First Trial:

  • $38 / session
  • Siganture Scalp Detox Treatment, including one-to-one consultaion, scalp screening, customized herbal tonic, TCM head and neck massage, after treatment analysis and hair styling
  • Only valid for online booking
  • Book your appointment now to enjoy the online exclusive price
Regular Treatment:
  • $99/session
  • Siganture Scalp Detox Treatment, including one-to-one consultation, scalp screening, 1 customized herbal tonic, TCM head and neck massage, after treatment analysis and hair styling
  • Focus on scalp detoxification
FULL Regular Treatment:
  • $198 / session
  • Full Tou Dao Tang Treatment, including one-to-one consultation, scalp screening, 3 customized herbal tonic, TCM head and neck massage, after treatment analysis and hair styling
  • Achieve holistic health and scalp problems

Is this Hair Loss Treatment safe?

Tou Dao Tang is a safe and painless head treatment that integrate the TCM patented technique with 60 types premium herbs to promote a significant results on the scalp problems and holistic health. It is a natural TCM remedy performed by our qualified physician and experienced health manager for your peace of mind.

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